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Audrey Wiechman



Professional Vocal Performance (live, studio, and on screen)
Professional Bass Performance (live, studio, and on screen)
Direction of Music Ensembles, all types

2005 – PRESENT Private vocal instruction with Dr. Cheryl Anne Roach
2002-2005 Private vocal instruction with Darlene Koldenhoven
1984 Chamber group vocal instruction with Bertram Turetzky
1984-1986 Chamber group vocal instruction with Philip Larson
1982-1987 Bachelor of Music, University of California at San Diego
1987 Graduated UCSD, Cum Laude

Excellent sight-reading abilities
Specialized singing styles: madrigal, opera, rock, young/child voices
Extensive experience singing in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Latin


2006 Educated Horses (CD, Geffen Records)
Rob Zombie , artist
Performance description: Background vocals

2006 “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” (ABC TV Movie)
Mark Adler, composer
Performance description: Group vocals

2005 Cries From Ramah (Independent Film)
Dean Harada, composer
Performance description: Solo vocals on various cues and closing theme “Lullaby”

2005 When Do We Eat? (Independent Film)
Mark Adler, composer
Performance description: Group vocals

2004 Museum of Jurassic Technology (Documentary Film)
Song title: “Spore”
Mark Adler, composer
Performance description: Group and solo vocals

2002 Past, Present & Future (CD, Geffen Records)
Song title: “Two Lane Blacktop”
Rob Zombie , artist
Performance description: Duet vocals and solo indian-style vocals

2002 Brother Bear (Disney Pictures)
Song title: “Transformation” (DEMO)
Mark Mancina , composer
Performance description: Group vocals, Bulgarian style

1999 The Crooked Trail (Independent CD)
Song title: “Out of Aztlan”
Robert Otey, artist
Performance description: Solo vocals

1999 Methods of Mayhem (CD, MCA Records)
Song title: “Metamorphosis”
Methods of Mayhem/Tommy Lee, artist
Performance description: Electric Bass

1997 Boogie Nights (MOVIE, New Line Cinema)
Song title: “Awards Ceremony Theme”
Jon Brion, composer
Performance description: Electric bass, on-screen performance

1995 Rhythm of the Pride Lands/The Lion King (CD, Walt Disney Records)
Song title: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
Mark Mancina, composer
Performance description: solo vocal performance on CD track

1994 The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer (TV MOVIE)
Song title: “You Got It Punk”
Typhoid Mary, artist
Performance description: Electric Bass


1990–present Red Felt Pig
Electric bass, vocals
Band Description: experimental/improvisational group
Performance description: live, recorded

2004–2005 Zephyr: Voices Unbound
Vocals – alto
Band description: 12-member mixed a cappella ensemble, eclectic repertoire
Performance description: concerts, recordings

2003–2005 Oriana
Vocals – alto & mezzo-soprano
Band description: a cappella vocal group
Performance description: live

2003–2004 The Lisa Clark 3
A cappella and accompanied vocals
Band description: “Andrews Sisters”-style trio
Performance description: live - corporate functions

2002–2004 Julie Ritter Project
Background vocals, bass
Band description: pop/rock
Performance description: live

2002 Brahms Liebeslieder Performance Group
Band description: classical vocal ensemble with 4-hands accompaniment
Performance description: informal chamber performance

1999–2002 Sospiri
Creator/Director, a cappella vocals - alto
Band description: 16th century a cappella madrigal group
Performance description: live shows, one CD recording

2005-2008 Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church
Alto Soloist/Alto Section Leader