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Jody Mortara


Jody began her musical journey at age 7 when she began taking piano lessons.  Though she was classically trained, her passion always led her into jazz.

Musical comedy always intrigued until she found her way into acting and singing in musicals.  They provided the means for her to live out this fantasy life that was becoming her reality. She moved to LA at a young age and began acting in films and t.v.

She is currently working on a new c.d. of her original songs,with Freddie Ravel (pianist, producer of the new grammy c.d. with George Benson and Al Jarreau).

She recently finished acting in a new film, “Cosmic Radio” with director Steve Savage and Splendid Films with Bob Yarri of Lions gate.  She was fortunate enough to have one of her original songs featured in the film.