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Julie Hinton grew up in a large household where she learned the power of a loud voice.  She didn't realize she could make a living with this talent until later in life.  She sang in the Young Naperville Singers as a child until she quit at age twelve and swore she would never sing like those prissy girls.  In high school, she realized that she could get out of half of the jazz band rehearsals (she played piano) if she joined the jazz choir, and the rest is history.  She made the Colorado All-State Choir and went on to sing in the Dixie College Chamber choir.  After transferring to BYU, she realized she needed to make a tough choice, and gave up singing for acting.  She did however earn a minor in music.  After moving here to Los Angeles, she was persuaded into joining the Angeles Chorale and still sings with them.  She's also sung with the LA Master Chorale, as a soloist with the Westwood Presbyterian Church, in the ensemble Vox Society, and with two acapella groups, the Random Pitches and One Accord.  You can also hear her voice encouraging you to see the next epic film at your local cineplex - hers may well be that high voice you hear during your favorite movie previews.

After earning her degree in acting, she moved out here to dive into film and television work.  She spends most of her time rehearsing, writing, producing, and occasionally performing.  Her recent musical credits include Marguerite St. Clair in The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Witch in Into the Woods, Lily Craven in The Secret Garden, Lilli Vanessi in Kiss Me, Kate, and the Wicked Witch in a recent adaptation of The Wizard of Oz called There's No Place Like Home at the Ebell Theater.  She also has an extensive Shakespeare resume including Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Kate in Taming of the Shrew, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and many other roles while involved in two Shakespeare companies in Utah and Exeter, England.